Monday, April 25, 2011


Okay, so they aren't brilliant, and we still have shit everywhere, but people have been asking to see what we've built, so here you go. Inside is still too much of a mess to show you!

In case you are starting to get Block Envy, note that our friends will be building on that patch of dirt next door. There will be 4.5m between us (enough for sun to penetrate our lower windows in winter) and we'll share the backyard.


This is the northern face of our house. Winter sun will stream in. The wide eaves shade us in summer.

This is our street face.

This is our house viewed from the back of the block next door.


Galliena Gornet said...

Well... what can I say? The design of your house is really unique. The paint was really well done, along with the roof and even the windows.

Louisa Sheedy said...

Not bad for a house design. This is the first time I've seen that kind of roof. And is your house, by any chance, shaped like a human's head?

Anonymous said...

Lovely, what is the cladding?

Elizabeth said...

Our cladding is Carter Holt Harvey shadowclad - overlaid in some sections with undressed radial sawn battens.

There's also zincalume on some of the highly exposed parts and round the back.

The zincalume and battens are travelling nicely, but the shadowclad has bowed more than I am happy with. I'm watching carefully and we may consider a warranty claim. I would consider Weathertex products if I were going round again.