Saturday, September 23, 2017

Fast forward six years!

I’ve left this blog behind, but occasionally I still get people contacting me for information or advice.

After spending hundreds of hours researching and thinking about environmentally sensitive design, construction and fit-out for our house, once we were moved in and relatively settled, I felt lost without a building project. While I was undoubtedly doing good and worthwhile work as a writer, I felt despondent at the idea of continuing along that path for several more decades. I wanted to use a different part of my brain and to think in different ways. Moreover, after decades of social change activism and environmentalism, I wanted to learn about, explore and contribute to new ways to design, construct, live in and interact with the built environment generally – and housing specifically.

And so it was that, at age 43, I enrolled in a building design course, to train for a totally new career. I how have a new skill set, an Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Architectural) and a whole lot of knowledge and ideas! I’m increasingly specialising in more-sustainable building materials and products, but designing is still a joy and an inspiration.

Today I’m launching Future Focused: a new business that brings together my research skills and my passion for design and environmental and social justice. I have experienced the joy of achieving a high quality, environmentally responsible home after lots of hard work; but I’ve also spoken with many people who feel absolutely daunted by the whole shebang. From hereon, I’ll be helping those people, by selecting, shopping for and advising on building products that don’t cost the earth. 

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muneeb khatri said...

Thanks for your post. I’ve been thinking about writing a very comparable post over the last couple of weeks, I’ll probably keep it short and sweet and link to this instead if thats cool. Thanks. read more…